C.S. Lewis and Turkish Delight

One of the most memorable moments of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia is when Edmund betrays his family for some Turkish Delight. This pivotal decision has stoked the curiosity of readers for generations. What is the allure of this treat? This article does an excellent job of shedding some light on this mystery. Thanks to JSTOR Daily and Cara Strickland for the information! 


H/T JSTOR Daily and Cara Strickland 


“The academic conversation surrounding Edmund’s Turkish delight, the eventual reason that he sells out his three siblings to the witch, focuses mainly on one question: With the entire world of food and confectionery open to him, why Turkish delight? (This question is especially important to people who have tracked down Turkish delight expressly because of Edmund.)”


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Beatrix Potter

From the time I was little, I have loved the tales of Beatrix Potter. I have always been amazed that she not only authored but also illustrated her books. Equally as captivating as the stories Beatrix wrote is that of her own life. This article provides an excellent description of both. Thanks to History Today and Richard Cavendish for the information! 


H/T History Today and Richard Cavendish 


“The announcement in 2016 that the new 50p coin would feature Peter Rabbit was a tribute to the author of some of the best-loved stories for children that have ever been written. Her own lonely childhood may have helped to inspire them. Her parents, Rupert and Helen Potter, both inherited plenty of money. They moved in artistic circles and she was their first child, born in a smart new London house in South Kensington.”


For the entire story, please see History Today and Richard Cavendish 


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