Dear America: a Tale of Two Patriot Diaries

Today I present a two for one deal in our countdown to Independence Day. The “Dear America” books are a series of historical fiction stories written in the form of diaries from different periods of history. There are two that take place during the Revolutionary War. The first one, The Winter of the Red Snow, recounts the experiences of Abigail Jane Stewart as she serves Washington’s army and witnesses their struggles during their winter at Valley Forge. The second, The Journal of William Thomas Emerson: A Revolutionary War Patriot, is set in Massachusetts and details William’s adventures as a rebel spy. Each book provides a vivid depiction of the Revolution and, when read together, imparts to the reader a thorough understanding of the war. I have always loved diaries and personal letters (and have kept a regular journal since I was a little girl). They provide such an intimate perspective into the time period in which they are written. This format gives a depth to these two books that they wouldn’t otherwise have. So settle in and get ready to travel back in time with these two tales!